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OFSAA (Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications) is a suite of integrated banking analytical applications for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), which helps you to meet your risk adjusted performance objectives.

  • Implement OFSAA (Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications) modules for Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP), Profitability Management (PFT), Asset and Liabilities Management (ALM), together with pre-defined or custom reporting using OBI (Oracle Business Intelligence)
  • Involve knowledgeable and experienced OFSAA consultants, with several successful projects delivered around the world
  • Collect all your business and IT requirements for OFSAA solution, analyzing them against the standard functionalities of OFSAA Software
  • Offer guidance and expertise throughout Profitability, FTP and ALM assumptions definition, using best industry practices
  • Finetune the OFSAA assumptions to get optimal processing and reporting experience for users
  • Suggest best practices for OFSAA maintenance during the Production operation
  • Deliver complete OFSAA Operation Guide, tailored to the exact OFSAA solution implemented for you
  • Guide you to integrate your source systems with OFSAA solution
  • Work with a team of OFSAA experts that will organize detailed knowledge transfer for you
  • Implement OFSAA using standard functionalities, allowing business users to maintain the OFSAA assumptions with no (or limited) IT coding required
  • Improve management decisions by determining transfer pricing rates using matched maturity approach
  • Understand where profits come from by disseminating net interest income by cost of funds / value of sources
  • Manage interest and liquidity risk by isolating them at central level
  • Implement various models in which costs can be recognized at various levels within the Bank (products, customers, etc.), using top/down, bottom/up or mix approach
  • Meet the challenges in today’s banking industry by having an accurate image of profit split across portfolio, regions or line of business
  • Project ALM indicators using flexible time horizon modeling and multiple assumption scenarios
  • Output a variety of projected financial risk indicators: like liquidity gaps, interest rate gaps for current and new business

Features and benefits of OFSAA

Loxon has a team of OFSAA experts with several successful projects delivered across the world. The solution that can be implemented by Loxon contains the following OFSAA applications:

  • Oracle Financial Services Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP) module, a Matched maturity Funds Transfer Pricing application, enabling you to determine the spread earned on assets and liabilities, and the spread earned as a result of interest rate exposure for each and every customer relationship
  • Oracle Financial Services Profitability Management (PFT) module, which enables you to calculate profitability information by products, channels, segments, and even individual customers, fully integrated with ALM and FTP modules
  • Oracle Financial Services Asset | Liability Management (ALM) module, which helps you to measure and manage interest rate risk and liquidity risk, perform balance sheet valuations, and forecast both net interest income and net income. The Oracle Financial Services ALM solution measures and models every loan, deposit, investment, and off-balance sheet instrument individually, helping you to gain a better understanding of the risks they have assumed and their sensitivity to changes in economic conditions
  • Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Infrastructure (OFSAAI) module, which streamlines analysis through a set of tools for data management and security administration. These tools assist with loading, validating, categorizing, selection, and processing of data. The comprehensive set of modules also facilitates security management through a customizable set of profiles to govern user privileges
  • Oracle Financial Services Asset | Liability Management Analytics (ALM Analytics) and Oracle Financial Services Enterprise Financial Performance Analytics (EFPA) modules, which are the business intelligence tools that contain pre-defined reports and dashboards for ALM and Financial Performance analysis, created in the Oracle Business Intelligence – Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) tool of Oracle;
  • OFSAA Balance Sheet Planning (BSP), which is designed to help financial services institutions budget for a full balance sheet and the associated profit and loss statement by accurately modeling the detailed and complex events on a bank’s balance sheet, for both the current book of business and forecasted new volumes

Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management (OSSM), which extends the Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) and provides capabilities to establish specific goals, define how to measure their success, and communicate that information down the entire organization.

How do our OFSAA applications meet your needs?

Loxon experts have a deep knowledge for each of these OFSAA applications and all our implementations are done having in mind your key expectations:

  • Use standard functionalities of OFSAA and avoid custom IT procedures; this allows you to manage all assumptions defined in OFSAA without IT knowledge
  • Allow you to have a visual flow of their OFSAA processes
  • Allow IT users to manage OFSAA Batches, see their status, check logs and even schedule the running of the Batches
  • Have drill-down capabilities for analysis, allowing business users to reach the customer accounts and even transactions / activities
  • Start from a banking data model and extend it easily with specific attributes required for bank reporting and/or processing needs


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